Land Acknowledgement and Commitment to Reconciliation

To recognise the land is an expression of our gratitude and appreciation to those whose territory we are on. It is a way of honouring the Indigenous People who have been living and working on the land from time immemorial and recognising their enduring connections to their traditional homelands. It is important to recognise the honour that Indigenous people have accorded us in sharing this land with us. It is equally important to understand the long standing history of dispossession and violence that has brought us to reside on the land, to seek to understand our place within this history and to recognise the resilience and continuing vitality of Indigenous communities who persist against great odds.

The land we stand on, the land that we live and work on is Treaty 1 Territory. The traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Ojibway, Oji-Cree and Dene and the homeland of the Metis Nation and our water sourced from Shoal Lake #40, Treaty 3 Territory.

We at Blue Dragon Consulting recognise and acknowledge the history and harms of colonisation on Indigenous Peoples and the mistakes of the past and affirm our commitment and responsibility in improving relationships between nations as well as improving our own understanding of local Indigenous People and their cultures.

We acknowledge and respect the Treaties formed on these territories. We acknowledge that we are all treaty people and as settlers we recognise the rights of the Indigenous People and recognise our responsibilities to uphold and respect the treaties formed on these territories.

In our treaties we adopted each other as family so we must to treat each other as family. In acknowledging the Land, the People and the treaties formed on these lands, we commit to work towards active accountability, justice, equity, and reconciliation in collaboration with Indigenous People.